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At Wally and Whiz, they have reinvented the traditional sweets and created their own. Sweets made with love and passion and are of the highest quality. Sweets that have the flavor and the taste of the natural ingredients they is made from.

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At Wally and Whiz, they wish to take good care of each other and of the planet we inhabit together, which is why they focus on responsibility. Wally & Whiz want to do what is right and are constantly inspired, just as we all want to inspire others.

Wally & Whiz only uses raw materials of the highest quality, and they also make it a priority to purchase from suppliers that are as close to the production as possible. The shorter the distances raw materials have to be transported, the lower the carbon footprint.

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Flavors are not only an essential part of Wally & Whiz products. It’s also a part of their brand story. A Wally and Whiz sweet always consists of two flavors, which complement each other, and together they create a delicate and exquisite taste experience.

One flavor is found in the coating of the sweet, while the other is packed inside. This way, one flavor is released as soon as you put the sweets into your mouth – the other as soon as you put your teeth into it.

They also believe that unique taste experiences come from using only the best ingredients. That is why they use only natural flavors and colors. They are 100% vegan – and free of gluten and allergens.

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The new sweets tubs are made from recycled plastic, which has lowered the plastic consumption by 40% compared to previous packaging. Wally & Whiz encourages people to repurpose the empty tubs – for instance, they can be used to store spices, coins, pencils or similar purposes.

All cardboard and paper used for packaging is FSC-certified, supporting sustainable forestry.


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