Your Guide to Sweet Delights

Born in Belgium, our love for the finest Belgian confections and chocolates began young. A trip to the local candy store filled us with tastes and smells rich with tradition, craft, and a sense of awe. Our passion for these irresistible delights continues to this day.

For almost two decades, we have had the distinct pleasure of importing our passion and knowledge of Belgian confections and chocolates to American shoppers. Our brands have been carefully selected for their quality craftsmanship, dedication to social responsibility, and enduring tradition. Many of the recipes are family secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation.

At Belgium’s Chocolate Source, we are proud to bring these irresistible delights to your store. All our products are beautifully crafted by Belgian master chocolatiers and confectioners using non-GMO and natural ingredients. We seek only the finest indulgences made with USDA organic, and/ or fairly traded ingredients.

As your key supplier of authentically crafted and socially responsible Belgian confections and chocolates, we thank you for choosing Belgium’s Chocolate Source. It is an honor to work together to bring our passion for Belgium’s rich chocolate-making tradition to delight the senses of today’s shopper.

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