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Where Sesame is the Key

Fine Quality Pasteli

Our Greek artisans bring the sesame snack ‘pasteli’ to the next level and created a new unique combination with authentic Belgian chocolate.

Heroes & Monsters selected the best ingredients nature can offer us to produce an exceptionally delicious crunchy treat which is never too sweet & sticky, organic, naturally gluten free & non-GMO.

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Natural Sesame

This perfect square of sesame seeds embodies the heritage of ancient Greece, where pasteli was once offered to warriors to boost their energy. Today, we are proud to collaborate closely with our Greek artisans, guardians of this ancestral craftsmanship, to offer you a taste experience rich in history and natural flavors.

Heroes & Monsters Assorted Pasteli Bars

Unique Taste from Fine Ingredients

At Heroes & Monsters, they combine the best things nature has to offer to create an extraordinarily delicious snack. The pasteli is handmade from all-natural, organic & gluten free ingredients. Affordable pricing & high margins mix in perfectly with this brand universe for strong sale results.

Heroes & Monsters Dark Chocolate Sesame Honey Crunch Pasteli Finger Bar Display Case

Makes Your Day

Have you ever felt that irresistible craving for a sweet indulgence? At Heroes &
Monsters, they believe that if they’re going to succumb to temptation, it should be with the highest quality and always 100% natural.

Just as Hercules needed energy and divine strength for his 12 labors, we sometimes need a boost to face our daily tasks. In other words, the need to take a break and indulge in a pure moment of selfish pleasure. Because we are all heroes and monsters at once, and that’s perfect as it is.

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